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Author: Margaret Prothero
English Skills

Away you scullion; you rampallion; you fustilarian! I'll tickle your catastrophe"
-William Shakespeare, from Henry IV


Every subject in college usually deals with a specialized set of vocabulary that the students must master. Some students may not have effective strategies to use when learning new words and definitions. Or, they may "memorize" a definition "textbook style" but not truly comprehend the meaning of the word or term.

This topic will look at a variety of ways in which students can learn, understand and remember their course's vocabulary and terminology. I hope that it will be extremely proficuous.

Learning Objectives

Lesson Goal
Faculty will improve ability to incorporate vocabulary instruction into their courses.

Learning Objectives
Faculty will

  1. understand the importance of teaching vocabulary concepts in their course and how it can support content

  2. develop understanding of various methods of how to teach and build students' concept vocabulary


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