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Bike Resources

SBCC has partnered with B-Cycle in bringing on new electric bikes available for use, located in parking lots 2A and 3.

BCycle e-bikes are now available on Santa Barbara City College’s campus. Get to and from campus with access to over 270 e-bikes around the city. Download the BCycle app to find the on-campus stations and see where you can find e-bikes near you.

Students, faculty, and staff can sign up for an Annual Membership at a discount. Check out your SBCC portal or click on the link for students and staff to download BCycle app:

Electric Vehicle Parking on Campus

There are 12 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus across three locations. EV Parking requires a SBCC parking permit. 

Chargepoint stations currently located on campus:

Lot 1B - Above La Playa Stadium (four cars)
Lot 4-C (four cars)
Lot 4-D (four cars)

Check Charge Point. ChargePoint is the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network with over 26,300 locations.

For all charging stations on campus the hours of operation are from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 
The machines will be shut off between the hours of 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

  • Lot 1-B will have a message under helpful hints stating Staff, 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Students after 5:30 PM.
  • Lot 4-C will have a message stating, Students Only 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Lot 4-D will have a message stating, Available to the community after 10:30 AM.
The pricing structure will be the same for all charging stations and it is as follows;
.20 cents per kilowatt hour for the first four hours.  To calculate the cost for that rate the formula is .20 cents per kilowatt hour X 6.6 kilowatts of energy per hour, (amount of energy our machines put out) equals $1.32.  If a vehicle charges for four hours the cost of electricity to the customer is $5.32
After four hours of charging the user will receive a text or email, (depending on how they choose to be contacted by) informing them that they have 30 minutes to move their vehicle or they will begin to occur a parking fee of $2.00 per hour on top of the .20 cents per kilowatt hour.  That means that if they continue to be plugged in for another 2 hours, (after the 30 minute alert) then they will incur a cost of .20 cents per kilowatt hour X 2 hours = $2.26 plus an additional $2 an hour for two hours, (parking fee), which equals $6.26.  
In addition, if a vehicle reaches a full charge then the customer will receive another email or text letting them know that they have 30 minutes to move their vehicle or they will receive a citation.  An email will also be sent to Campus Safety at informing the Safety Department that a vehicle at a certain charging station is eligible for a citation, and to allow for other users to have access to charge

Additional Resources




    • Confirm you are a current staff member and are sustainably commuting to campus.
    • Get Approved as a District Driver (Employees only). In order to operate a district vehicle you must be an approved district driver and an SBCC employee. Employees must register as a district driver to use any college vehicle. Please contact Luis Geraldo in the Facilities & Operations Department (ext 4096) to begin the approval process..  The process can take up to two weeks to become an approved driver.  Please plan accordingly.  
    • Email for car reservations


  • CarShare (Electric/Hybrid District Cars). There are two available for Employee personal use during the day.  An electric or hybrid vehicle can be reserved for 2 hrs at a time during 8am– 4pm Monday –Friday. Overnight or extended use is permitted by the Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Business Services.  
    • The hybrid Ford CMax #80 is on the West campus with key check out through Facilities & Operations Building. 
    • The electric Ford Focus #81  is on the East campus with key check out through Administrative Services A120.
  • These vehicles are not intended for regular use - email to reserve college vehilces for college business or call (Ext 4096).
  • These vehicles are for employees who commute to campus and need the car for daytime use as part of their incentives for doing so.


PE Building


Shower facilities are located in the Physical Education building, email or visit the Cage in the PE Building next to the restrooms. You must be a current staff or student to get shower access and report your daily commuting.

 Skateboard Parking Example       Skateboard Parking Example

Skateboard Docks

Location of skateboard racks at the Campus Bike Shop and the Library; bring your own lock or buy one at the Campus Store.

Live near UCSB an dlooking for the quickest route to SBCC?  Learn more about Line 15x - SBCC/UCSB Express

MTD Trip Planner

Please visit:

Connect with commuters on a shared platform:

SBCC Transportation Map

Download the above SBCC Transportation Map showing the bike lockers, DIY, bike lanes and storage. 

Hey Skaters! Skateboard docks are located at the Campus Bike Shop and LRC. The Campus Store sells locks if you need one!

Student riding blender bike
SBCC commute students

Learn More

Bike Routes

Check out bike routes from downtown Santa Barbara to SBCC.

Electric Vehicles and ChargePoint

SBCC encourages electric and hybrid vehicles. Read about the Commute Program in SBCC's student newspaper The Channels. Staff can get setup as a SBCC District Driver to use the SBCC Commuter Program hybrid or electric vehicle.

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Commute History

SBCC Commute is a program supporting the colleges' Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP) and the Districts Sustainability Plan. SBCC is commited to the betterment of health and sustainability in our community.

Since 2014 through 2020, the SBCC Commute program had reduced Single Occupied Vehicle (SOV) use by 13%, expanded infrastructure, added a DIY bike shop, and increased the number of stakeholders that commute sustainably.

The Commute Program is no longer offering cash incentives to staff to commute sustainably to campus. Nevertheless, the Campus infrastructure remains in place such as adequate motorcycle and bike parking, bike lockers, on campus showers, EV parking, variety of MTD to SBCC routes, skateboard racks, and always supporting carpooling. 

Please stay safe, and stay committed to sustainable commuting!

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